Mike Janis and Insinger Performance

Press Release

Mike Janis and Insinger Prrformance

Insinger Performance/Stinger Racing Alcohol and Mike Janis Racing Inc (MJR) to partner for the 2017 race season including all NHRA National events where Pro Modified participates

Press Release: Insinger Performance is proud to announce that we will be the sole Methanol provider for Mike Janis Racing Inc and his Pro Modified race team for the entire 2017 season. Stinger Racing Alcohol will assist to power Mike’s already potent combination, promoting quality and consistency. The Lancaster, NY based professional race team is fresh off a win at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida and MJR is posed to continue that momentum in the upcoming season. We look forward to helping Mike pursue a 3rd Pro Modified championship and maintain his top level performance. In addition, Mike has years of engine building experience with Jan-Cen Motorsports and Mike Janis Superchargers also part of his organization.

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