PJ1 Oval TrackBite

Oval TrackBite™ SP-165
Preparation & Application For
Oval or Curved Race Tracks

PJ1 Oval TrackBite Concentrate is a unique formula designed to increase adhesion between rubber, asphalt or concrete.

• Ideal for curved or oval asphalt or concrete paved tracks
• Increases track performance and spectator excitement
• Reduces “Freight Training” by effectively eliminating a single lane racing groove(s)
• Increases multi-directional traction

Track Preparation:
1. Clean, clean, clean (!) racing surface, of dust, dirt, gravel and oil. “Tide®” powdered laundry detergent works very well. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

2. Drag the track with a tire drag. Use a tractor with at least 45
horsepower to pull the tire drag. ‘Dragging’ the track is about the
best single thing that you can do to clean the racings lines and get
the track ready.

3. Always sweep/power broom and blow off the track before applying
PJ1 Oval TrackBite.

1. Since Oval TrackBite™ is a concentrate it must be diluted. We
recommend Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) or Methanol. Be absolutely sure that
the cutting agent you use is 100% pure and clean, and must not contain
condensation, moisture or lubricants. Generally a 50/50 mixture is
adequate; however, changes in atmospheric conditions may prompt you to
modify the strength of PJ1 Oval TrackBite Concentrate. Depending on the
humidity, ambient air temperature, air density, altitude, track temperature
and rubber build up, PJ1 Oval TrackBite Concentrate may be diluted from
10-90% with either of the above two solvents. DO NOT use any solvents,
fluids or other types of petroleum-based products, including mineral spirits
or lubricants, as they WILL cause premature deterioration of asphalt.

*Note: Although some consumers of PJ1 Oval TrackBite have had
excellent results using Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), PJH BRANDS does
not recommend it as a cutting agent.

2. We recommend applying Oval TrackBite™ 8 to 24 hours in advance of the
event. Spray the track surface with PJ1 Oval TrackBite using a sprayer
with No.6 nozzles. Spray the turns with a medium mist (not heavy spray).
Use multiple coats and be sure to “feather” the beginning and ending of
the turns to ensure a gradual/controllable traction transition.

3. Drag the racing surface with a tire drag. If the PJ1 Oval TrackBite has
been diluted, the track can be tire dragged when finished applying. This
should be completed the 24 hours prior to the event. The morning of the
event, reapply a light mist of diluted PJ1 Oval TrackBite solution in the
turns for extra adhesion.

*If applying PJ1 Oval TrackBite that is 100%, allow for at least 18-24 hours
dry time before tire dragging.

Application Notes:
• Each racetrack surface has its own ‘personality’ and those who tend to
the surface on a regular basis will be best suited to determine what
amount, if any, to lessen the strength of PJ1 Oval TrackBite.

Caution: Great care must be taken with the handling of PJ1 Oval
TrackBite Concentrate, as it is highly flammable in its liquid state.
However, after dried it is non-flammable and non-toxic.

Oil Spills PJH BRANDS has developed a powdered product, PJ1
TrackSpot, designed specifically to dress oil spills on the racing surface.
Apply PJ1 TrackSpot evenly, and then further spread the product evenly
with a broom until the oil spot is covered with a white appearance. This
should be done while the racing surface is dry. Next, spray a very light
mist of PJ1 TrackBite mixed at 50% with any of the above cutting agents
over the bald spot.