Turbo Blue



No matter what type of motorsports you are involved in – count on Turbo Blue® Racing Gasolines first lap and every lap. Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines are refined to meet the needs of all types of motorsports from the professional racer to the weekend enthusiast. Everyone at Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines is committed to providing a consistent, high quality race gasoline that competitors can count on for all motorsports applications.

Turbo Blue™Turbo Blue Racing Gasoline has the high energy content, smooth distillation range and low vapor pressure necessary for carbureted, fuel-injected, super charged and turbo charged racing engines. Ideal for compression rations up to 14:1. Turbo Blue contains tetraethyl lead (TEL) and is for off-road use only.
Turbo Blue Advantage®Turbo Blue Advantage is uniquely formulated to provide protection against detonation in today's high performance racing engines running up to 10,000 rpms and compression ratios up to 15:1. This leaded racing gasoline is ideal for most forms of motorsports including both dirt and asphalt late models, circle track, drags and snowmobiles. Contains tetraethyl lead (TEL) and is for off-road use only.
Turbo Blue Extreme™Turbo Blue Extreme is refined for race engines that demand high octane gasoline. Turbo Blue Extreme can be used in Pro Stock drag, sprint car, motorcycle, NTPA track pulling and offshore powerboat race applications utilizing compression ratios in excess of 15:1. Turbo Blue Extreme contains tetraethyl lead (TEL) and is for off-road use only.
Turbo Blue Unleaded™Turbo Blue Unleaded is a high performance, street legal, competition gasoline formulated for carbureted, fuel-injected or turbo-charged performance engines. Ideal for compression ratios up to 12:1.In addition, Turbo Blue Unleaded is tested for no manganese and complies with regulations governing most major race sanctioning organizations and is street legal.
Turbo Blue
Unleaded Plus™
Turbo Blue Unleaded Plus is a high octane unleaded racing gasoline formulated for the professional racer. It is highly oxygenated to allow for maximum performance in racing classes that allow high dielectric fuels. Turbo Blue Unleaded Plus is an excellent choice for modern computer-controlled applications which cannot use tetraethyl lead (TEL). This fuel is recommended for applications with compression ratios up to 12:1. For off-road use only.


Comparison of Turbo Blue fuels
 Turbo BlueTurbo Blue AdvantageTurbo Blue ExtremeTurbo Blue UnleadedTurbo Blue Unleaded Plus
Fuel PropertySpecifications
Specific Gravity0.7420.7190.7090.7680.760
Antiknock Indez (R+M)/2110112116100104
RON, Research Octane115116118105109
MON, Motor Octane1051081149599
Reid Vapor Pressure5.
Distillation F
Initial Boiling Point948998106106
10% Evaporation157145155146146
50% Evaporation219217215220218
90% Evaportation230233231228228
Final Boiling Point249254255245247
ColorBlueLight BlueOrangeClearLight Blue
LeadYes (For Off-road Use Only)Yes (For Off-road Use Only)Yes (For Off-road Use Only)No (Street Legal)Yes (For Off-road Use Only)
Lbs / Gal6.
Oxygen, Wt. %
Dielectric Constant0.6-0.1-0.912.118.8