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This leaded, NON-oxygenated product is a superior blend for use in BRACKET STYLE and DIAL-IN drag racing applications. It provides consistent performance in larger cubic inch, naturally aspirated 8 cylinder engines with 14:1 or greater compression ratios. SRF 115 is compatible with small shot nitrous and mild supercharger/turbocharger power plant designs as well. For a fuel that will help you run “dead on” your number, choose SRF 115.
This leaded fuel is blended for complex performance applications and is NON-oxygenated. It functions well in turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous motors including ultra high-boost small displacement engines as well as multi-stage larger cubic inch designs. The experts at Stinger have enhanced SRF 116 to better enable it to withstand extreme combustion chamber conditions. It’s comparable to MaxNOS and applies to drag racing, tractor pulling as well as high horsepower Import and Sport Compact markets.
This oxygenated, leaded fuel is perfect for drag racing as well as oval track and off road applications in which the racer desires more power while maintaining detonation protection. The fuel works well in high compression engines and is compatible with supercharger and turbocharger applications where oxygenated fuels are permitted. EX 118 is an alternative to conventional 116 octane products and will provide increased horsepower. Tuning adjustments are needed compared to non-oxygenated fuels. Increased fuel flow is required to balance the higher levels of oxygen in EX 118.
Comparison of stinger fuels
 SRF 115SRF 116EX 118
Research Octane119119120+
Motor Octane112113116
Specific Gravity.736.734.716
OxygenNoNoYes, 6.1%
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