Sunoco Optima Non-ethanol Fuel

Sunoco Optima

The 95 octane SUNOCO OPTIMA is the perfect fuel to provide consistency while lessening maintenance due to its NON ETHANOL composition. Insinger Performance is also launching the OPTIMAL Premix NON ETHANOL FUEL for Small Engines for 2017. This Gas plus Oil Premixed fuel will be the featured product sponsor on the Insinger Performance mower. Both mowers plan to be on display in Oaks, PA during the Area Auto Racing News show on the weekend of January 20-22. We are very excited for the opportunity to work with the ARMA and promote NON-ETHANOL FUELS for both 2 cycle and 4 cycle applications.

For more information on OPTIMA, NON-ETHANOL FUEL for SMALL ENGINES go to the below link For details on the OPTIMAL PREMIX NON-ETHANOL FUEL for SMALL ENGINES view this site in the “PRODUCTS” section

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